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tv   Headline News  RT  January 9, 2014 8:00am-8:30am EST

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freed captives of an extremist group in syria tell shocking details of their ordeal saying the militants fighting under the black flags of all kinds are a manager as the most radical power in the region even by the as not forces meanwhile. the united states is still feeding the fighters in syria america's middle east policies are raising eyebrows with washington's offer to help find the same militant group in iraq appearing to draw it together with. also the souray huge fire sale islands castles and historic cities go under the hollywood europe last conscious tromped government's invention new ways to me that budgets plots. elka down to the british and american culture into your heart like it's hard to fears over fracking
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as a new report reveals hundreds of complaints of corporations but but officials and companies seem came to ignore. hello and welcome to our team to national twenty four hour news live from moscow my name is your national politics for joining us several hundred captives of a hardline rebel group linked to al qaeda have been freed in syria they were being held by fighters from the islamic state of iraq and live band who are one of the most radical jihadist militant groups in the region middle east correspondent policia has more now on this and you may find some thirty in her report disturbing . ok as if the actions of kerry's odds are increasingly horrific there is video
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that is circulating of a terrible execution the video is verified but it comes from the syrian city of aleppo and what we see in it is people who had been killed by this affiliated islamic state in iraq from an event which was calling itself the i guess is what we understand is that the people killed are reportedly from the from the family and they also see journalists among them as you see. hayes as well as being handcuffed now this comes off to these is the most liberals have to be hit for the treatment of and let's hope and what we're looking at the solution is a position that's killing opposition on the free syrian army is certainly horrified by the rise of these radical rebel groups there is no denying that i assist is worse than the syrian president bashar assad fighters all of the i it's we're using the children's eye hospital as the central detention facility and dozens of bodies
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were discovered inside they appear to have been executed those who survived and some of the eyewitness reports that are coming through say that the treatment was worse than they were ever treated by the regime is intelligence one of them saying that he was praying that bombs would drop that planes would drop bombs to put an end to their ordeal now fighters of the same group as i insist who are behind executions and kidnappings in syria are now controlling key cities in iraq's biggest province with researchers and analysts saying that the wives of radicals in the region is that knowledge being fueled by the u. s. policies so certainly a very worrying picture unfolding in this region. the u.s. is already speeding up its missile and drowned in a ruse to iraq while the white house has asked the senate to allow apache helicopter sails to assess the iraqi government it's a different story in syria where rebels still enjoy major support from washington
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as geopolitical research or sariah rick says the united states is still feeding the fighters in syria through its ally jordan so it's very hard to to accept what america has to say face value when this still continued to support now seems remarkable to help the iraqi government fight terrorists that were created because of the occupation of. forces of america and yet in syria next door in syria the same group are being aided to overthrow the government in syria so america is continuing its two political games in the region and of course the people the suffer the countries themselves. a suicide bombing has killed at least twelve soldiers at a military recruitment center that done and that is believed to be returning nation against government attempts to push al-qaeda fighters from fallujah foreign powers
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are weighing in with the you are stepping up massive massive missile deliveries and iran offering military equipment. except iran and washington finding themselves on the same side of the conflict. because of politics of the last few decades you think about the u.s. and iran as enemies that don't have anything in common but they do and its fight against terror for one the kind of terror that is now so rapidly metastasizing in syria and in iraq radical sunni militants are gaining food holding iraq's on board problems and the iraqi government is struggling to drive them out now for americans who had heard the term state sponsor of terrorism so many times used to finally want this wholesaling sound unusual and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is saying that iran might play a role of the peace talks on syria also sounds unusual among the audience that is so used to the hostile rhetoric although on syria both washington and tehran say
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they want to stop the spillover of terror iran does not share washington's just for regime change in syria so still lots of differences but we see some early indications that common interest could be slowly coming to the forefront after years on the back burner. meanwhile a fresh un resolution on syria is seeking to condemn the assad government has failed the statement drafted by the u.k. expressed outrage as airstrikes on aleppo which have been carried out since last month over seven hundred are believed to have been code the resolution was scuppered after diplomats refused to add amendments offered by russia. and from the developments in the syrian conflict as well as analysis on the situation in the whole region to r.t. dot com. while star is saying europe may be forcing many to tighten their belts to the monks for others is offering good about serious he's hard
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pressed european governments looking to plug budget holes oppressing their nation's legacies and the hammer. takes a look at whether the game is worth the cost. it's been dubbed the great european fire sale in a bid for cash these are just some of what's been up for grabs but even funds raised from headline grabbing deals might not be enough like six greek island sold for eight point five million euros an italian island sold for two point nine million exclusive rights to use the coliseums image on their products for fifteen years twenty five million euros government debt in the euro zone is greater now than it was a year ago and some of the sales of lead to public anger and frustration bestselling history and culture they're selling beauty things that a priceless and they've touched the price tag to it i think that's absolutely reprehensible there's absolutely no guarantee that that privatization will help
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consumers at all and one of the most surprising items recently put on the market was citizenship for a little over a million euros you get a maltese passport and therefore become an e.u. citizen a move that's been put on hold is two thirds of the public at opposition leaders cry foul. splitting the same legal gone through these which is trades meant a huge international dunnit which was uncalled for because more go to date has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the whole european union it's a question of principle over citizenship should not be pulled out on say proponents of privatization see it as a necessity for nations that are in dire straits but also warned that by europe at a bargain may not be as much of a jackpot as one might think if i were investor i wouldn't be buying many of these things all of these countries have serious political risks for any kind of foreign
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investor anybody trying to. buy a house and italy has to reckon with the possibility that ten twenty years down the line a government is just going to nationalize whatever they whatever they want to nationalize but for what it's worth this sale continues tesser sylvia. and we talked with financial expert patrick young on the show and he told is the big sale is no remedy to the euro zone's real problem is when you've had a swinge ing incredible recession as we've seen in many parts of europe there will alternately be a point in time when the economy binds the spark to some degree but truly the problem is that the euro is still fundamentally a counsellor us disorganised monetary system at the core of the european union the mediterranean countries have still done little or nothing to organize what is affectively an intergenerational warfare older people can keep and get on hold on
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to their jobs younger people simply have no chance of getting any jobs in the first place let alone keeping them and therefore we do not have a sustainable recovery europe it's trying to paper over the cracks it is simply failing to address the very very substantial issues europe needs to restructure it needs to be more competitive because already other countries are eating its lunch. security is being tightened around u.s. military bases operating in britain new laws are set to come into force. only for the parliament's taking pictures of failing to clean up after your dog would be enough to get your arrested before details are coming up later in the program stay with us. hundreds of complains or well water contamination have been filed in you are states where oil and gas drilling murders fracking is taking place pollution was confirmed in a number of cases raising further doubts over the safety of the controversial
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technique and a recently published review by the associated press details the problems in four u.s. states in ohio one hundred and ninety complaints have been registered since twenty ten and six cases water contamination was confirmed over the same period west virginia has seen one hundred twenty complaints and all the cases the companies are taking corrective action and in the state of pennsylvania the number of complaints has reached nearly nine hundred that's just in the last two years and in more than one hundred of them pollution has been registered the state of texas has a shocking two thousand complaints made by the public although authorities haven't confirmed any of those were indeed cases of contamination anger over franken is spilling over to the state of new york as well and on his report an eyewitness the latest protests there. what about thousands of people gathered in albany new york state capital to take part if i'm to type rocking probably the only it was the
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governor andrew cuomo he was rocking he was taken to the station he's currently thank you wait to see the most interesting could probably. which will ultimately lead to his decision on whether or not he was rocking the comics movie work states now over the past ten years fracking has led to us boom in oil and gas production generating hundreds of billions in revenue for companies and land owners but it's also created concerns and fears about pollution coming in and talking to the candidate you will get the ball was dangerous of many of those that i spoke with thank you all ready seen cases dangerous was taking place in the state throughout the country and they don't have to see those cases because the the older they live their contaminated high levels of radiation the oakridge the bottom line is extreme
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a credibly dirty form of extreme an extraction account of any place in your state of i feel like the freckle faced you know hard oh ok it's because they're not getting so old people's houses guys are dead in our quandaries now renewable we register king upstate new york we're going to ruin our fireplace and we'll of course they do not want to be the next rocking the question is the doctor of the state listen and heed to the concerns of his constituents the forty from albany new york read up or not the arctic. fracking requires companies to pump a mixture water tonsil chemicals into the ground to break apart rock and release fuel the contaminated water returns to the surface containing salt heavy metals and radiation causing absolution renewable energy advocates tyson slocum says there's a reason why when he has so little about the dangers of rocking the fact is that
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the hydraulic fracturing process is injecting millions of gallons of highly corrosive and highly toxic chemical mixtures into the ground and some of them are in small traces it still is harmful for health but it's more difficult to pick up once the oil or natural gas companies confront landowners they typically require them to sign what's known as non-disclosure agreements the lack of good information about well contamination and all of these gag orders on these nondisclosure agreements it's having a huge impact on policy. still around the corner for you the new bull celebrity of north pole overture in which has become an object of obsession in the headlines. for four techs the polar vortex the polar vortex you don't to worry about the confusing stuff the stuff with new ones like the syrian civil war like the pros and
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cons of genetically modified food you just walk outside and go by example there are . so look at why the poet who seems to have for years and not only north america but the minds of the global media which contacts we're piecing how cold the cold is that's after the break. it's a pure twenty four to thirty six month scam to make five percent on money that was given to them from the corrupt marconi the bank of england to begin with and it will result in ecological all cost who cares more debt to the u.k. economy so what and other consequences that will result in lifestyle being degraded more chance are you going to look good sir.
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for your comment like these policies i think people. should have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. you're watching our c international is good to have you with this let's move on now in the u.k. m.p.'s are introducing new laws to protect u.s. military bases in britain a person could be punished just for walking a dog near by the government's using legislation enacted over
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a century ago to move ahead without parliament's approval. of how small. there are twenty activities altogether i'm not going to list them all but they range from things like pitching a tent near a base or bringing a caravan near a u.s. airbase taking photographs of anything or anyone digging near a base or even failing to clear up after your dog near a base all of these things by the way you're liable to immediate arrest no further discussion the government's using two hundred year old law which comes under the control of the ministry of defense which means that these laws don't have to be discussed in parliament at all they can just be introduced completely unilaterally now they apply to around one hundred fifty bases all over the country among them are two u.s. air force bases that a key centers for u.s. eavesdropping basically they are in the middle of the country near milton keynes and their signal really stations and one of them funnels back to washington from
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this network of embassy. spy bases including that facility if you remember that was listening in to you and all allegedly listening into angela merkel's telephone there were previously no special laws that were put in place to govern the land around these spaces so their introduction now is raising questions among critics they're saying you know does it mean they'll be an expansion of the bases what are they trying to hide and why is the u.k. government helping them in this campaign is also worried that it's preparing the ground for an expansion of the u.s. drone network that this is in preparation for that and we know there is strong evidence that the u.k. has been involved but its bases have been involved in the targeting of drones in the past. and of course there are plenty more stories for you just a click away including reaching for new heights u.s. navy is taking it with a revolutionary new unmanned aircraft fitted with their world series engine and
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having a way to spawn longer than a boeing airliner head to our website for footage of the machine being put through its paces. gurgled might have been an ocular of storing the private information of its users this claim has been made by a french data protection watchdog to find out exactly what the global dry it's been up so to log on to officer. postell russia's north caucasus region have been put on security. after six aboard is aware the gunshot wounds were found in small separate cars police are hunting for three suspects they all sold to be armed and driving and a come across the region. details. reportedly at one of these one of those cars as a minor explosive device detonated when the police was on the scene no one was injured fortunately now the authorities are considering several version of what happened they've already considered launching
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a criminal case and several criminal articles such as illegal possession of arms manslaughter act of terror is not among these considered diversions nevertheless the authorities of the region have imposed a special security alert mode which is called the counter terrorist operation mode in two districts of the region on the usual day that she has would not have probably led to such a high security alert mode but of course in a month's time we'll have these sorts you lympics and the whole region is basically in a special security mold right now this concern several regions in the russian south some of them are as far as seven hundred kilometers from the city of sochi but still no nevertheless they are in a special security mode we know that in the city of sochi itself there will be special security checkpoints cars with license plates other than those belonging to the city of sochi will not be allowed inside unless they have special accreditation but this will not concerned the special security model not concerned fans in any way because their tickets to the games is providing that they can they can be
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anywhere in this in the city of sochi and surrounding areas so obviously the usual fans the common fans will have nothing to worry about. russia is losing its patients within a goal with its foreign ministry harshly urging the country to free a troll or detained in dakar without any further delay the vessel and its eighty two crew members were seized at the weekend off the coast of getting to sow and it claims of illegal fishing worn out from going all day you go or so these situation seems to be eating out doesn't it well these are some firm demands coming from the foreign ministry to read this one since frankly the situation is beginning to look a bit shady there the troller was arrested over the weekend eighty two crew members are on board sixty two of them are russians. citizens and senegal the authorities are accusing them of even go fishing but at the same time they still haven't been able to provide any evidence proving their claims and now there are also reports that some of the crew members were injured during the arrest and apparently they
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are not being provided with the necessary medical assistance and also the traveler is now running short of course all supplies including fresh water at the same time greenpeace has come out for supporting senegal's actions in the situation leading the russian authorities to question the real motives behind the arrest. greenpeace says it's been tracking this vessel for a long time why are they taking upon themselves the government's responsibility to protect their waters and biological resources therefore based on the statements from greenpeace one may conclude that the military of senegal is acting upon these claims as you may know senegal's fishing minister heads the green party in senegal and was until very recently a member of greenpeace hence you see the connection between this harsh and precedented attack on the russian troll or and its detention with greenpeace's actions. relations with greenpeace have been quite complicated especially after the
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arrest of the so-called arctic thirty a group of peace activists in the russian north who were accused of cool again isn't but then were all released as part of a mass amnesty in december. with the details that you were thank you very much indeed when called comes and winter it's not really just cold winter but this week that american media has been having a frenzy over a need the polar vortex promoting the image of a frost have been taking its toll on the u.s. but as the blast of cold weather now eases a look at how all of the news has been frozen out to demonstrate just how phrasing freezing is all seasons to see turkey reports. more talked about in the u.s. media than the most ridiculous celebrity baby name and the royal wedding combined it's called a polar vortex the polar vortex the polar vortex the polar vortex more frightening than your worst nightmare to whirlpool
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a dense frigid arctic air ladies and gentlemen meet the cold it's a cold hell if you can imagine so it is the coldest it has been decades every thirty seconds and all it's really cold out this is the most important mainstream news story for days on end we have a team of correspondents covering this arctic blast it's really obvious that it's cold but just to keep your journalistic integrity you want to first hand account of how cold it is and if a mailman is all bundled up saying yeah it's cold then you know it's actually called here's a hamburger and a steak even though there's really only that much to eventually talk about how does your skin doing since weather is weather no matter how hard you try to keep your attention look at this is a lumo not as deep as chicago pizza hard as a rock you could use this as a weapon if you wanted to ok temperatures dropping to subzero extremes is a rare occurrence in certain parts of the us but amping it up like there is no tomorrow might be a tad over exaggerated your goal is to remember other people know it's cold people
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know they shouldn't go outside you don't need to go on and on and on and on and be well they really really important is that not getting covered then again weather coverage doesn't require bringing up the truly unpleasant you don't to worry about the confusing stuff the stuff with new ones like the syrian civil war like the pros and cons of genetically modified food you just walk outside and go by gambles or heart as a result other countries are rolling their eyes at us because we're complaining that it's cold but they're also rolling their eyes at us about everything else it looks like the us mainstream media are taking their tips from an old piece of advice if you don't know what to say just talk about the weather and if they think you're going to r.t. new york. and up. sugar an ox kind that looks sad they profit from the legalization of marijuana will bring to the us a.
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what a country experiences a tragedy like the recent terrorism in volgograd there question is what to do about it i mean we have to do something right let's never let a good tragedy go to waste one do a member recommends getting rid of the moratorium on the death penalty for prayers groups including terrorists because the death penalty is the perfect way to punish a suicide bomber also this do remember failed to mention high level cryptic carets in the government as those who could possibly face the firing squad perhaps that was just an honest oversight i'm not against the death penalty in some rare instances but punishing terrorists after the fact doesn't bring victims back the focus needs to be on the source of terrorism soldiers can play around all day with weapons because the government gives them a salary weapons and training some people are recruiting arming and training new
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terrorists you don't need to usher in a massive surveillance state to stop terrorism or go death penalty crazy what you need to do is hit the funding and training source hard if you can i mean how many of you guys out there could make a remotely detonated bomb a c. four on your own without help almost none of you see for doesn't grow on trees someone pays for it but that's just my opinion. if you refuse economic downturns in the final months they should learn to deal sang i and the rest because i think he ate beef every week.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser let's talk about gun. yeah stacey max everybody is legalizing around the world you know now that colorado has legalized marijuana following on your why and now peru wants to legalize it new york state is now saying that they want to legalize it so it's a mass rush it's like marley's heaven and he must be controlling this from heaven in fact but as marijuana stocks hit record high they're all but. we're all still. and then. you know get some dreads and i get some dreads and one of them big african jamaican girl there you know just keep up with
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the big split mama big believe we like you joan. who are you going to do that mom. so as cannabis is why you believe legalized china cashes in on an unprecedented boom oh yeah. yeah i love that you know they go out a good smoke and join them and they know better my red got nothing on the chinese wetware so here we have again listen to this very first words of this article describing china cashing in on yet another boom cashing in on get another boom trying to cashing in you've got a timely right now i'm thinking i just heard you say the same thing three times so whatever you put into that oatmeal this morning has got me completely wasted the communist country. yeah the communist country that's always cashing in right the communist country is well placed to exploit the burgeoning cannabis trade with more than.